collected works 2011​-​2000

Since the turn of the millennium, a number of compilation contributions have been made by ht, many of which are no longer readily available. “Collected works 2011 – 2000” brings together (almost) all sampler tracks from eleven years, including the collaboration with Spherical Disrupted and uF18 as well as the “Oscotarach” double-split LP with Carsten Vollmer, Skalpell and Sperical Disrupted. Welcome to “Information Overflow” Age.

Available on Bandcamp.

Double Vinyl 12″ split album on deafborn records with the following projects :

Skalpell, Spherical Disrupted, Carsten Vollmer, hidden technology

Each band is represented on their own vinyl side.

This album is also available on digital platforms.

Radio Re/Version Live Recording

free download-album on audiophob live recording of the hidden technology radio show on Radio Re/Version on Sept 16th 2008

effusion 3 online compilation ambient-oriented compilation feat. dub and experimental electronica.

/w: Waktu Loopa, Geyser, Punch Department, …

effusion 1 online compilation electronic compilation ranging from lounge to ambient chills. compiled by geyser

/w: Bob Humid, Waktu Loopa, Krautiopharm, élaNoir, …

Sicktron tape compilation

Old fashioned industrial tape compilation from Finland, released in July 2006 on Black Arts Productions.

/w: Lasse Marhaug, Azoikum, Grunt, Strom e.c., Klangstabil, Bardoseneticcube, …

contains: hidden technology vs. uf18 collaboration track.

Revelation Magazine #19

Compilation CD with bands featured in the magazine. (This issue of Revelation Magazine contains a hidden technology interview…)

/w: Gustav, End, Institution D.O.L., Terre Thaemlitz, Incite/, Hans Appelqvist, ..

Paranoise compilation

Compilation CD blending various ambient, experimental and industrial styles with splendid packaging.

/w : Ryfylke, Gerechtigkeitsliga, Co. Caspar, Milan Sandbleistift, Luminous, …

A tribute to Koji Tano compilation
Online compilation honoring Koji Tano/MSBR (RIP). Comprises 10 CDs.
/w : Astro, Big City Orchestra, Daniel Menche, Government Alpha, Institution D.O.L., Irikarah, John Sharp, K.K. Null, Mürnau, Napalmed, P.A.L., Scott Arford, Telepherique, and many many more …

Krachcom V 1.0 compilation

Noise, industrial & power electronics compilation CD initiated by the krachcom forum.

/w : Painslut, atrox, Milice Bourgeoisiale, Antracot, Pulse Unit, …

contains : Spherical Disrupted vs. hidden technology collaboration track

Liebe Autos Abenteuer compilation

a tribute to Gunter Gabriel

Most odd & unbelievable 3 cd tribute for this german country prankster.

/w: Bohren & der Club of Gore, Die Kassierer , Phoneheads, Spherical Disrupted, Carsten Vollmer, Harald “Sack” Ziegler, Xao Seffcheque, …
+ foreword by Johnny Cash

audiophob compilation

Versatile sonic spectogram, from ambient to harder experimental sounds.

/w : Telepherique, P.A.L., Alarmen, The Rohrschach Garden, Ah Cama-Sotz, the [law-rah] collective, …

contains: remix of ht track “technology doesn’t work” by 5f_55

dssg Sampler 2

Noise, industrial, experimental & goth compilation CD with 15 artists. (ltd. 300)

hidden technology (noise) teamed up for this sampler with uF18 (noise) and Rectal Surgery (noise/vox).

Provinzgold III Sampler

Electronic / Experimental compilation CD-R (ltd. 200) featuring Projektohr, Candy Dandy, Modulator, Plasmaborg, …

short circuit. no bang.

dhyana records compilation CD-R 2/2

featuring: Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Tesendalo, Slackism, Inox Kapell, Deep, …

Provinzgold Sampler

Electronic / Experimental compilation (ltd. 200 CD-R) featuring Modulator, Omsig, Experiment-Tal, Buza, Kopf, Pausenclown, hidden technology vs. not in tot

d.s.s.g. – Der Sampler

Compilation with contributions from members of the German de.soc.subkultur.gothic newsgroup.

Contains tracks by PAL, Spherical Disrupted, f/a/v, Alarmen vs. Betriebsdruck, Slowtiger, Plasma Expander, …

Wigs On Fire – A Tribute To The B52s

2CD compilation on the american nihilist records label.

Including submissions from MSBR/K2, Government Alpha, Dave Phillips, Cock ESP, Terrorstate, Panicsville, Luftwaffe, State Machine and others…

Sonic Seducer – Battle of the bands

CD of the german magazine Sonic Seducer (#12/2000-#1/2001). Includes an exclusive hidden technology track as well as 49 further contributions to the Battle of the bands contest.